Become a better ATV Rider

Why spend all that money on your new ATV if you aren't confident in riding it? Then some ATV training could be the way forward for you.

The European All-Terrain Vehicle Safety Institute (EASI), a non profit making organisation, was formed in 2002 to implement a national programme of all-terrain vehicle (ATV) safety educaton, training and awareness. EASI are supported by all the major ATV manufacturers,

EASI's primary goal is to promote the safe and responsible use of ATVs, thereby reducing accidents and injuries that may result from improper ATV operation by the rider.

What the ATV Rider Course can do for you or your Children:

  • Improve rider skills
  • Increase safety
  • Give more understanding about ATVs
  • Build confidence
  • Gets everyone started right
You will learn how to do proper pre-ride inspections; ride in a variety of conditions, and negotiate obstacles. You'll also learn more about protective gear and everyone receives an ATV Rider Course Handbook to take home.

To find out more about the EASI ATV Rider Course & to book a course visit