The new Pioneer is incredibly versatile and powerful

The pioneer can easily carry up to 4 people which means it's perfect for when you need those extra hands. On both the 2 and 4 seat models the tilted cargo bed can still carry an impressive 386kg. With a towing capacity of 680kg it makes for light work when carrying a heavy load.

The main features of the Pioneer

  • towing capacity of 680kg
  • cargo bed capacity of 386kg
  • 675cc liquid cooled engine, rubber mounted for less cabin vibration and fuel injected for all weather starts
  • differential lock - a simple push button mechanism to get power to both front wheels and maximise the available traction
  • front suspension - independent double wishbone with 201mm travel
  • rear suspension - independent double wishbone with 231mm travel

Prices start from £11500 + vat

With the innovative QuickFlip system you can see the true versatility of the 700x4 model Pioneer. The rear seats fold flat into the cargo bed and can pop up in an instant when required. Making it easy to change between carrying no-one to carrying 3 people, as the seats have a durable cover they are built to withstand even the muckiest of people entering and exiting the Pioneer.

Jamie was lucky enough to be invited by Honda to attend a launch event recently, he got to test the Pioneer. He took his GoPro so we should be able to upload some footage soon.

**contact Jamie on 07917772563 or 01668 281836 for a competitive quote on this**