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We stock & fit the most popular ATV tyres; Duro Buffalo, Kenda Executioner & Maxxis Rubicon, but can also obtain any make required, at competitive prices. 

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Honda Tyre Fitments:

 Model Front Tyres Rear Tyres
 TRX 90 (93-03)20 x 7 x 8 19 x 8 x 8
 TRX 250 Recon (97-07)22 x 7 x 1122 x 10 x 9
 TRX 300 2WD (88-00)23 x 8 x 11 25 x 12 x 9 
 TRX 300 4WD (88-00)23 x 8 x 11 24 x 9 x 11 
 TRX 350 4WD (86-92)24 x 9 x 11 24 x 9 x 11 
 TRX 350 Rancher S-ES 2WD (00-06)24 x 8 - 12 25 x 11 - 10 
 TRX 350 Rancher S-ES 4WD (00-06)24 x 8 - 1224 x 9 - 11 
 TRX 400 Foreman (96-06)24 x 8 x 11 24 x 10 x 11 
 TRX 420 (07-14)24 x 8 x 12 24 x 10 x 11 
 TRX 450 Foreman S-ES (98-04)25 x 8 x 12 25 x 10 x 12 
 TRX 500 Foreman S-ES (05-14)25 x 8 x 12 25 x 10 x 12 
 TRX 650 Rincon (03-07)25 x 8 x 12 25 x 10 x 12 

Tyre Guide:

 Duro Buffalo

    The Buffalo will move the soup, rip through earth, tear through forest, and get you to
    those places smoothly due to its riding characteristics. The most obvious feature of the
    Buffalo is it's aggressive multi-directional V shaped tread pattern. It's diagonal lug
    placement as well as the size, thickness and tread depth all contribute to it's
    incomparable performance to any other tyre in the market. Because of the tread
    design, this tyre will get you through any mud, gravel, or sandy condition safely. The
    Buffalo features 4 & 6 ply rating for superior durability and resistance to puncture.

Kenda Executioner  

    Designed to meet the demands of the most aggressive 4x4 riding terrain. New tread           design for deep down traction, even in the muddiest conditions. Reinforced knobs to    
    reduce knob roll over at low pressure, improve ride comfort and increase tread life.
    Dimple tread surface for improved traction on dryer conditions. 6 ply rating with a new
    2+2 casing for increased puncture resistance and improved handling. New rim saver
    feature for protection against rock and rut damage.

Maxxis Rubicon

Maxxis Rubicon ATV Tyres offer the ultimate performance in extreme conditions, but still fit standard rims. The Powerful oversize C983 Rubicon atv tyre gets you through the most rugged of terrains. It has a wide self cleaning tread design that offers exceptional traction and grip to tackle the toughest mud and steepest hills. The Maxxis Rubicon C983 ATV tyre is an ideal choice for farmers looking to upgrade their stock ATV tyres. The Rubicon has proven very popular with hill farmers who need the extra traction to pull up muddy hills, especially if towing.